a life lived through music, in Sting’s own words…

a life lived through music, in Sting’s own words…

Few artists have used music to recount the vicissitudes of life like Piquer a. From revisiting his childhood on the songs that make up The Last Ship, to directly addressing his grief over the loss of his father, in 1991 The Soul Cages, Sting’s life story imbues his work with an emotional honesty rarely equalled elsewhere in music.As such, it is fitting that his latest album, My Songs, finds him revisiting his entire career with a collection of re-recordings that take his past and place it firmly in the present.

Not a simple exercise in nostalgia, although My Songs finds Sting looking back, he does so with his usual willingness to move forward; to look at his past from the point of view of where he is now, and to make connections between yesterday and today.Untiringly creative throughout his career, every gesture he makes (pun intended) broadens his artistic horizons.My Songs, then, sheds new light on the songs we thought we already had, offering a new insight not only into Sting’s artistic evolution, but also into his vision of the world. As he himself says, “It’s my life in songs. Some of them have been rebuilt, some have been rearranged, some have been reframed, some have been reframed and all with a contemporary orientation.”

Travelling track by track through Mes chansons, Sting revealed the inspirations of the songs he re-recorded, providing the closest thing we’ve ever had to the man’s life in his own words.

Appeared for the first time on: Brand New Day (1999)Recorded at a time full of Y2K anxiety, Brand New Day proved two things: Sting was not in the mood for baseless negativity, and that he would approach the new millennium as he had done in every new era – as an opportunity to restart creatively.

Sting’s optimism was at complete odds with the paranoia that defined the late 90’s – and, in its new guise, Brand New Day has a refreshing clarity at odds with the anger and confusion that seems to be the world’s current default setting.A stronger electronic beat on the My Songs version acts almost as a precursor to Sting’s mood in the late 2010’s, as he urges listeners to get up for a brand new day, rather than give in to defeat (don’t worry, this infectious harmonica line remains entirely intact).


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